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FSSAI Food License Consultant in Anantnag

FSSAI Food License Consultant in Anantnag is the authorized FSSAI food license consultant in Anantnag, India. India's Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSSAI) is a regulatory authority that provides all food business operators (FBO) in India with a food license. All the FBOs must obey all of FSSAI’s food quality control rules and regulations. This is the best food license consultant.

An FBO( Food business operator) needs an FSSAI License and Registration all depends on the parts such as the size of production, the nature of the activities of the food sector and the range of operations. The FBO will provide 14 digit numbers in the FSSAI registration process that needs to be printed on food packages.

What is FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI Registration ensures food product health and is effectively a food safety certificate issued in India by the food authority. All manufacturers, retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, importers, exporters, etc. are required to take FSSAI License. FSSAI Licensing ensures that detailed quality checks are carried out on food items, thus decreasing the cases of adulteration, substandard goods.

Who requires an FSSAI Food license?

It is required that any Food Business Operator (FBO) is licensed/registered under FSSAI. Small food businesses such as hawkers, small retailers, etc whose annual turnover is less than Rs.12 lakhs per year need FSSAI food license. All food businesses that reach this annual Rs 12 lakhs turnover cap and have an annual turnover of more than Rs.20 crores per year need an FSSAI (State and Central License) license.

If your business falls under any of the categories mentioned below, then you must obtain a food license.

  1. Food chains, Food sellers and resellers

  2. Dairy and dairy processing

  3. Raw material suppliers to food businesses

  4. Retailers & establishments who have a retail outlet

  5. Procurement, Manufacture, Distribution, Processing, Packaging, and Storage

  6. Hotels, Restaurants

  7. Food Wholesaler

  8. Canteens in corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals or government institutions

  9. Processors like pickle and dry fruit maker

  10. Canteens in corporations, schools, colleges, hospitals or government institutions

  11. Food importers and exporters

If your business falls under any of the categories mentioned below, then you must obtain a food license.

Types of FSSAI License

According to the FSSAI Act, 2006 all food businesses are expected to be registered/ licensed:

Basic FSSAI registration:

This is the primary form of food license and is issued by the FSSAI regulatory body.

  1. Small businesses with less than Rs.12 Lakh INR in turnover.

  2. FBO is like a dairy with a capacity of under 500 ltr / day at the budding stage.

  3. Ideally, this license is required for trades like tea shops, canteens, food processors, and small warehouses. It can be improved as the business begins to expand in both size and income.

State License:

  1. Companies with a profit higher than Rs.12 lakhs and less than Rs.20 Crores INR need a license from the state. Some examples are:
    • Hotels with a 3-star rating and above
    • Dairies with a capacity of over 50,000 liters/day

    2. The Catering business is an exception here. They have to apply for a state license, and not a simple FSSAI license, irrespective of their turnover.

Central FSSAI License:

  1. The licenses above were for small and medium-sized companies. Among bigger businesses the primary registration is. Apply to Food License Online.

  2. Companies that distribute food to agencies and government offices.

  3. Trades have a turnover above Rs. 20 Crores.

  4. Food imports and exports commerce

Benefits of obtaining FSSAI License

  1. The FSSAI logo is widely known and thus it can guarantee customer goodwill.

  2. Streamlines all production processes related to the distribution and sale of the food items.

  3. Once it comes to FSSAI registration, the main aspects of hygiene and cleanliness are set and followed.

  4. FSSAI license offers a forum for the production of quality food products that are in line with international food standards.

  5. Registration of FSSAI positively impacts the company's productivity and efficiency, thereby giving it an immense opportunity to expand and develop.

  6. FSSAI licensing is essential to export food products to other countries.

FSSAI Licence Validity

Simple process to apply for an FSSAI food license in Anantnag. The FSSAI license validity period depends on you on how many years the FSSAI license has been given on. The period of validity remains between 1 – 5 years and it depends on the number of years that the food administrator chooses. The permit expense increases even with the number of years with which he/she has associated.

FSSAI – FOOD License registration procedure

  1. The food business operator must have both an email ID and telephone number (active).

  2. The business name of the food business provider must be properly written out on the application form because the same name would appear on the license.

  3. If the application has been submitted correctly, a reference ID (unique) is provided which must be used in all the further procedures.

  4. The last stage is the payment of the agreed fee by taking out the print of the acknowledgment and the online application. For the defined amount ADD (Demand Draft) is required.

The Process to Get Food License Registration In India

Follow these simple steps to get the FSSAI Food License Registration in India

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI Registration Website.

Step 2: Fill all the information on FSSAI Registration Form.

Step 3: Make your FSSAI Registration Application Payment Online.

Step 4: One of the registration executives will process your FSSAI Registration / Food License

Step 5: You will obtain the Food License certificate in your registered email address within a few working days.

How to Check FSSAI License Number Online (FSSAI License Checking)

1. Insert 14 digit FSSAI License Number

2. Click on check validity & get basic details

3. Login with Your Username and Password

4. Get the details about your Fssai License

What is FSSAI License Number?

Every food business operator must apply for an FSSAI license in India, with a 14-digit license number to be displayed on the premises after FSSAI registration.

The 14-digit FSSAI license number has been divided basically into five parts and each section helps us understand the information. The five separate parts of the FSSAI license number and their descriptions are set out below:

Section 1-First digit refers to the status of whether or not the food company is licensed.

Section 2 -The second and third digits indicate the state code that refers to the state of registration of the company.

Section 3-The fourth and fifth numbers will cover the year the food company is reported in.

Section 4-The sixth, seventh, and eight numbers should help you understand the quantity of master's enrollment.

Section 5-The Makers license number is Ninth to Fourteen.

What are the FSSAI Registration Fees?

You need to make a payment of Rs 1799 to get instant FSSAI Approval. It is the price for registration service to get your company a Food License.


In the case of the expiry of a food license, all business activities at the premises should be terminated mandatory. According to the FSSAI regulations, the FBO must apply for FSSAI license renewal 30 days before the expiry of the license. The applicable late charge for the same is ₹ 100 / day.

Best FSSAI Food License Consultant in Anantnag

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FSSAI Food License Consultant in Anantnag

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