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Licence to Cook From Home

Licence to Cook From Home

Need to cook from home and run it as a business? Make it official by registering for an FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) Licence. This way you can cook at home and develop your own business.

In order to run your home-cooking business, you will need to register it as a business entity first: which is an Individual, Sole Proprietor or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) business. In addition to that, the local Food and Health Department may also check-in on your house to inspect the food preparation area.

We are aware that during 2020's pandemic lockdown, many people became innovative in cooking; as a result, some of them came up with the idea of selling their innovation.
If you're one of them then you should definitely register for a Food licence to make your innovation safe for consumers.

Requirements for Cook From Home Business

It is necessary for a home-based business to comply with certain food standard codes which are:

Standard 3.2.2: Food Safety Practises and General Requirements

Standard 3.2.3: Food Premises and Equipment

Part 1.2: Labelling and other Information Requirements

Validity of a Cook From Home Licence

A standard FSSAI licence is valid for a period of 1-5 years depending on the validity chosen. If the licence for your home cooking business is about to expire, then you need to apply for its renewal 30 days in advance. Failing to apply for renewal in this period, the Food Business Operator (FBO) will be charged a fine of Rs.100 each day from the date of expiration.

Application Procedure for Obtaining Food/FSSAI Licence

  1. Log-on to our website foodlicenceonline

  2. Select the option 'Food Licence/New Food Licence Registration'.
    If you are a Caterer, select the option 'Food Licence for Caterers'

  3. Fill in the required details

  4. Submit and make a payment for your application

  5. After submission, our executives will process your application

  6. Once the processing is done, you will receive your Food Licence in your registered email

Register With Us!

foodlicenceonline is an ISO certified consultancy firm, providing a smooth registration process for a FSSAI.
Our registrations include: Food Licence, Food Licence for Caterers as well as Renewal of a Food Licence.

For any queries regarding FSSAI registration, write to us at

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