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Food License in Mumbai

How to Get a Food License in Mumbai

Food permit or FSSAI License is allowed to all producers, dealers, cafes doing any food business which may include assembling or preparing. FSSAI the acronym stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. On applying for FSSAI enrollment, a one of a kind 14-digit permit number is given which must be cited on all food bundles. The permit number is additionally required regardless of whether food items are not bundled. Along these lines, the extent of the FSSAI goes well beyond cafes. Aside from filling in as a lawful declaration, a FSSAI License is a sign of a benchmark food quality. Your establishment will be furnished with a permit contingent on the size of activity. This fills in as a remarkable permit number for your eatery.

FSSAI License is given by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It has been set up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (FSSA Act, 2016) which is a united rule identified with food safety and guidelines in India. FSSAI is principally liable for the insurance and advancement of general wellbeing through its key elements of guideline and oversight of food safety.

Why Do You Need a Food License?

A blend of societies, Mumbai is a one-stop goal for a wide range of cafés extending from road food to lodgings. In this manner, an enormous number of Mumbaikars are into the food and providing food business. So as to begin a food joint, one would initially need to get a food permit in Mumbai in the wake of experiencing the FSSAI enrollment process. This is compulsory so as to complete the food business legitimately and to guarantee that the food is protected and healthy for human utilization. Any individual or substance in Mumbai engaged with the production, dissemination, stockpiling, advertising or selling of palatable things needs to agree to the standards and guidelines of the FSSAI and go for a FSSAI permit technique to get a food permit in Maharashtra.

Documents Required for Getting Food License

Now, next are the required FSSAI permit reports. These documents are required compulsorily for obtaining a food permit -
  1. Finished and marked Form B
  2. Photograph of the proprietor
  3. Certificate of Incorporation or Partnership Deed
  4. Rundown of food items to be managed
  5. Evidence of ownership of premises (rental bill/service bill)

Registration Process for Food License on FSSAI.GOV

The registration process of FSSAI can be carried out both online and offline. Both of them are discussed below.

Steps of the Online FSSAI Registration Process

  1. Ensure you have a functioning telephone number.
  2. Log onto the FSSAI entry utilizing your username and password on
  3. Select Form A and fill in your subtleties accurately.
  4. After checking, click the 'Submit' button.
  5. You will get a reference number on your telephone to follow your application.
  6. Make a demand draft of the predefined sum for the FSSAI enlistment process.
  7. Print out the application structure

Offline FSSAI License Procedure

You may visit the FSSAI enrollment office and research center in Mumbai for food permits in Maharashtra and so as to get the nature of food tried. The enlistment office is situated in Bandra (E), Mumbai and the research facility is at Mumbai Central. You can contact the enlistment office either through their telephone number or email.

Quick+Simple+Online FSSAI Registration Procedure

The steps to apply for FSSAI license, this is an easy procedure to get a food license are:

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI License Registration portal

Step 2: Fill all the details on FSSAI Registration Form

Step 3: Make the online payment for your FSSAI Registration Application

Step 4: One of the FSSAI registration agent will process your FSSAI Food License

Step 5: In a few working days you will receive your Food License certificate in your registered email address.

The food license is to ensure proper and maintained selling of food items. Hence, it is beneficial if all the food entities follow the rules and get the license in a hassle free manner.

If you have any further queries related to FSSAI Registration, feel free to contact us at @

Written by Mitaali Dayal

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