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How to Check FSSAI License Number Online

How to Check FSSAI License Number Online

Here we have mention how registered food business can check FSSAI License number online at Know the complete procedure for verification of FSSAI License.

Under the Food Safety Act, the FSSAI Food Safety and Quality Authority of India was established in 2006. FSSAI is responsible for any operation in India related to food. FSSAI is an authority in India to provide food licenses to all food-related businesses.

The government takes a competent decision where each food business operator FBOs, the food-related company must ensure that the goods they use are reasonably good and will not affect any of the customers. They must move through an FSSAI-associated search where the ingredients are authenticated.

Before initiating the business, any food-related company should get a food license. A 14 digit FSSAI number is included in the license, which must be printed on the product after registration.

There are three forms of FSSAI License - Basic (less than 12 lakh annual turnover), State (more than 12 lakh rupees annual turnover and less than 20 crores), Central license ( Annual turnover exceeds 20 crores). The FSSAI license will be issued for a duration of 5 years, and you will need to renew the license later by submitting sufficient FSSAI license documentation and paying FSSAI license fees.

What is the FSSAI License Number?

The FSSAI number is a 14-digit number that gives the FSSAI authorities the entire record. That 14 digit number is split into 5 parts.

The first digit - displays whether or not the company is registered.

The second & third digits are for the code of the state.

Fourth and fifth digits - Signify the year in which the company was registered or enlisted.

The quantity of the enrolling master is expressed in the sixth, seventh & eight digits.

Nine - Fourteen - The number for the manufacturer's permit.

More about FSSAI License Number

The FSSAI 14-digit license number of the license obtained by the authority and its logo must be placed on the product being packaged. The shade of the FSSAI logo and number showed will be printed on the background if there should arise an occurrence of numerous units.

The FSSAI 14 digit number, together with the name and address of the importer, must be displayed at the point at which importers import a product.

Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labeling) Law, 2011, the measure of the letters and numerals of the license number should be endorsed.

The FSSAI logo and number on the item indicate that the food business manager has a legal permit under the FSSAI Act, 2006.

The number of the permit should be placed on the addresses of the different units on the item's mark. Additionally, alongside the number, the quantity of the distribution organization should also be displayed.

A food business operator is engaged only until the validity of the license obtained by the Food Safety and Standards to place this logo and number.

How to check FSSAI License Number Online?

FSSAI License Validity Check can be done in 4 simple steps, given below:

  1. Visit FSSAI License Number Check at website.

  2. Enter your 14 digits license number valid FSSAI registration no & other details also.

  3. Make the payment for the service.

  4. Within a few hours, your FSSAI License certificate number verification will be done.

What will be seen in the FSSAI license number search?

FSSAI license search will help you to know the following details :

  • FSSAI Application Status - Active/Deactivate
  • Your license number
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Business type
  • Product list
  • Premise address
  • Food product

Checking your FSSAI application status will help you to know every detail regarding your license.

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